Has Kozak been around for a while - I have never heard of them?

ANSWER - Kozak has been around since 1926 and has been one of the premier car cleaning products company servicing the professional and commercial cleaning market. Over 15 million Auto Dry Wash cloths have been sold. Kozak continues to be the worldwide choice for high end dusters and waterless cleaners. With new ownership in 2011, there is a renewed push to bring the premium product line back to retail and in the hands of the millions of users who have been looking for our products.

Will the Kozak product line scratch?

ANSWER - It is important to read and follow the instructions on the Kozak packaging. The Kozak's patented double nap and "dustloc" treatment enables a great shine and finish without scratching. The products are used commercially on multi-million dollar auto, marine and furniture collections!

What is "DUSTLOC" TM Technology?

ANSWER - It is a patented double nap cloth that traps the dust and dirt between 2 layers of cloth infused with a cleaning and restoring treatment that polishes without scratching!

Where are the KOZAK products made?

ANSWER - We at Kozak still believe that "PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA SINCE 1926" is a badge of honor that provides the highest quality products in the world. The ENTIRE Kozak product line is manufactured and packaged in the USA.

How do I use a Kozak Dry Wash Cloth?

ANSWER - Simply remove it from the bag, wipe and polish, and replace it back in its resealable package. No need for sprays or solutions - its all in the cloth!

I want to SAVE the environment - how can I help?

ANSWER - The Kozak Auto Dry Wash Cloth provides approximately 50 car cleanings per cloth - this saves over 5,000 gallons of water per cloth vs a traditional hand car wash and over 1,000 gallons vs a drive through car wash.

How long does a Kozak cloth last?

ANSWER - While it depends on the size and dirt level of the car or item, each cloth will last an average of 50 cleanings.

How do I know when it is time for a new Kozak cloth?

ANSWER: When the cloth nap is clogged and it does not clean and polish well anymore. Do not wash your cloth - they are treated and will not work once they are washed.

Where can I buy the Kozak products?

ANSWER: Check the retailers page at the top of this website for a retailer close to you. There is an e-store above as well.


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