"I have used the Kozak cloths for 20 years and have never been disappointed in their product. I manage a large collection that includes many high end exotic Ferraris and Lamborghinis. For every car show that we have entered, I have always used the Kozak cloths for the final touch up prior to the judges scrutiny. And I must admit that we have won many blue ribbons. I rely on the Kozak cloths and they have never let me down! It's nice to know that this product performs as it states on their package and that its made in the good ole USA!"

Mike L.
West Coast USA

I am a health care professional who started out as an auto mechanic in Brooklyn New York 40 years ago. My godfather owned a Gulf Gas Station and we had lots of classic cars from 356 Porsches Jaguar XKE, olds 442 and 1966 "Vettes". to name a few. As far back as 1970 and through the gas lines we kept our cars immaculate and a mainstay was the KOZAK CLOTH. My godfather loved the KOZAK because we could remove all the dust and minor grime from the industrial fallout from the area of long island city safely without having to constantly wash OVER 15 of our personal and for sale cars. Using the KOZAK saved us time and money and put the shine back on the vehicles as if they were just waxed with no swirl marks or "spider webs". Imagine your entire stable shining as if you just washed and waxed them and you hardly broke a sweat!

Over 40 years later, now with my own collection of exotics I still rely on KOZAK and had to search in stores until I found the KOZAK website. Besides the KOZAK dry wash cloth I now use their dynamite tire shine and 10 minute wax product. I am extremely fortunate to own a Mercedes a NSX a Ferrari 360 Spider and a "BLACK" Porsche Turbo S you know I would be crazy not to use the best products on the market for my pride and joy big boy toys so I use KOZAK as does my son making this the 2nd generation of KOZAK fanatics. Believe me I am not compensated for this testimonial I just want to get the word out to other gear heads about these great products. Best of luck Bruce and Jesse New York USA

Bruce D.

"I have been using this wonderful American-made product for decades, and with stellar results. I am a "car guy" who lives in the country along four miles of gravel road. Although my vehicles may sparkle when I leave home, by the time I reach pavement the sparkle is hidden beneath a layer of dust. Thanks to Kozak, all I have to do is pull over and spend a few minutes dusting the vehicle with the Auto DryWash cloth, which is all it takes to bring back a showroom shine. I consider Kozak to genuinely deserve the term "miracle product." Its ability to quickly and easily lift dust from painted surfaces without leaving hairline scratches in the paint, even on dark surfaces, is uncanny. I have also used the California Duster, but I did not find it to be as effective, as convenient to use and store, or as long-lasting as the Kozak DryWash cloth. Detailing one's vehicle with Kozak is as quick and easy as dusting a piece of large furniture. Simply follow the clear directions on the back of each cloth's resealable pouch, and you can't go wrong. In conclusion, if you take pleasure in driving a pristine vehicle, do yourself a big favor and give Kozak a try. You will discover a friend for life, just as I did all those years ago."


My name is Shane S. and I have been a devout user of the Kozak Auto Dry Wash Cloth for over 25 years. I started out detailing cars in California many years ago and was introduced to the Kozak by a fellow detailer who swore by them. I tried them and have been hooked ever since. I have used them on hundreds of customer cars ranging from Ferraris and Lamborghini's to everyday Honda's and Toyota's. They work great on dark and black cars - the biggest problem vehicles for a detailer. The Kozak cloth cleaned and polished without leaving a residue or fine scratches and spider marks that I have encounted with the California Duster.

I normally do not write product reviews. However, I recently purchased a can of the Kozak 10 min wax and was blown away! I have been using the Kozak cloth on my 1960 Corvette (picture attached) for a few years now and decided to try out the new wax. It is amazing - by far the best detailing product on the market. I like some of the Meguires products, but have not found any this easy with such great results. It took me about 20 minutes to wax my vette and it brought out the paint beautifully. No more 1/2 day excursions waxing my car. I have been wiping the car down everyday with the Kozak cloth - what a great combo of products! I am happy to see the Kozak Company still around. I would love to get them back in my local Pep Boys or Auto Zone - went to both a few times over the past 2 years trying to see if they would carry them. Great job on the wax and keep up the great products!

Shane S.
Sutherlin, OR

Great item, I purchased the Kozak Auto Dry wash because I use to have one for my new vehicle and wanted an extra cloth for this summer. These cloths are great, takes off dirt and grime without washing and puts a shine on the vehicle as if it was new. I had a boss at work state that my vehicle just looked like it was waxed. So I would recommend the Kozak Auto Dry Wash Cloth to anyone who wants to shine their vehicle without going through the trouble of washing and drying then waxing.


Best Dust Cloth for Vehicles.
I live in the country on a gravel road, and I have used this excellent American-made product for decades. Forget the claims of it's being a "wash" cloth. Only a 'wet' wash can remove caked-on dirt. Kozak is a dust cloth for vehicles, pure and simple, but in that capacity it excels. It lifts dust from vehicle surfaces like a magnet, and leaves them shining. Rest assured, Kozak will NOT leave hairline scratches in your vehicle's paint, even on dark surfaces. Using the Kozak DryWash cloth is as simple as dusting a piece of large furniture, just follow the simple directions on the back of its resealable bag. Ideally, your vehicle should be in the shade and DRY before you begin, because water and Kozak don't mix. Wear cotton gloves unless you can wash your hands immediately afterward because they WILL become soiled, especially as the Kozak begins to get dirty. When the cloth begins to move dust around instead of picking it up, it is time to replace it, but keep the old cloths. They remain usable for initial dust removal from the dirtiest surfaces such as wheels and rocker panels. Kozak works equally great on my motorcycles, including the chrome. I have never kept count (Kozak claims "At least 50 cleanings"), but you will be pleasantly surprised at the number of cleanings one cloth provides before needing replacement.

In short, what are you waiting for? If you take pleasure in driving a pristine vehicle, buy this classic and very effective American-made product. You will discover a lifelong friend, just as I did all those years ago.

Robert U.

My dad used Kozak towels when I was growing up in the 80s, and now I'm using the towels, too. I got a new car in August and wanted to keep it clean. Remembering the Kozak towel, I ordered a new one. It works just like I remembered - keeps your car clean in between trips to the carwash.

Your car sits all day and collects dust. The Kozak is perfect for removing the layer of dust when you pull the car out of the garage in the morning. So, you start the day with a clean looking car.

The Kozak is also handy when you drive in dusty areas or on windy days. If you want to spruce up the car to go out in the evening, just wipe it down. My wife and I did a trip to Palm Springs, driving through the desert. 5-10 minutes with the Kozak and the car was 80% as clean as a trip to the carwash.

If you wash your car at the carwash once every two weeks, the Kozak can extend that interval to once a month.

You can use the old Kozak for wiping wheels and rocker panels - to remove the dirtier dirt before finishing off with a newer Kozak cloth. This is a classic product which works as advertised.

Paul Curran

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